"Board Certified M.D. with a Natural Approach"

Natural Medicine from a M.D.

I am board-certified, specializing in cardiology, anti-aging medicine and internal medicine. Twelve years ago I was extremely ill and my treatment was based on a naturopathic medicine approach.

Natural medicine and conventional medicine are both viable types of treatments that help my patients. Conventional medicine is crucial in most emergency situations.

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Intravenous (IV) Therapies

In my experience and the experience of thousands of other doctors, the Myers cocktail is a safe and effective treatment for a wide range of clinical conditions. In many instances, this treatment is more effective and better tolerated than conventional medical therapies.

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Heart Disease Risk Tests

One common question that I am asked by those concerned about the risk for heart disease is “What heart function tests should be included in a good prevention and diagnostic cardiac screening?” From all the opinions available in the massive cardiologist’s tool box to assess basic function, this is what I recommend:

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Breast Thermography & Early Breast Cancer Detection

Thermography infrared imaging is a noninvasive, safe technology that records the amount of heat emanating from the breasts or other tissues, thus detecting inflammation long before the appearance of a tumor. The technology isn’t new.

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What causes High Blood Pressure?

Your blood pressure reading is made up of two numbers. Both of them refer to the amount of pressure that pulses against the inside of your arteries as blood is pumped through them. The top number is your systolic pressure. It corresponds to the amount of force created as your blood is pumped into your arteries and they expand. The second number is your diastolic pressure.

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Statins: The True Story

Statin medicine to lower cholesterol was improved in the United States in 1987. Over the last few decades, as a cardiologist, I have been prescribing statins for my patients when indicated and initially these medications seemed safe and reasonably well tolerated, but the more I have learned on statins, both from my experience, my patients and reading of medical literature, the more I have become concerned.

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What is Integrative Cardiology?

My journey as an integrative cardiologist has been an exciting period of my life and it has brought me endless moments of satisfaction and joy. Yes, it is joy when you can reduce human suffering and improve the quality of life for someone else. Pharmaceutical drugs, bypass surgery…

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Alzheimer’s and Memory Loss

Learn how to prevent memory loss and increase your brainpower. Learn new cutting edge scientific discoveries.

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Natural Pain Management

I suffered from chronic thoracic back pain from bending over for years doing cardiologic procedures in the hospital. I have undergone…

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