Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Mission Statement: Dean R. Silver MD Vision for Living Well Center

Thank you for this opportunity to share with you my vision of developing a state of the art wellness center. It will provide a blend of traditional and alternative modalities to offer the best possible medical care for the patient. My vision is to open a world class, first of its kind center dedicated to age management, life extension, and treatments for Cancer as well as other chronic, complex conditions. I wish to employ international technologies with proven track records. The emphasis is based on patient centered personalized genomic and toxic evaluation along with quantum physics to optimize each patient’s biochemical individuality.

It is well recognized that the current medical systems worldwide are failing. Most of the diseases facing the world are chronic based on our aging population. Unfortunately there are no systems in place to meet this demand. Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and obesity are all chronic diseases of aging. All diseases are present for years before they become clinically evident. We will optimize each patient’s genetic phenotypic expression thru multiple mechanisms in hopes of rectangularizing the age cure i.e. to live a long disease free life. The aim is to remain mentally and physically vibrant through our entire life.

The center will be dedicated to disease prevention, early detection and reversal of age related diseases. It will become the new model for healthcare in this century. The baby boomers have looked at the traditional medical paradigm and are not happy, it is costly and ineffective. The elderly population cared for by Medicare and Obama care will suffer greatly with limited access to healthcare. There will be increased morbidity and mortality.

Canadian style healthcare won’t work in the U.S. The 2012 data from the latest annual report from the Fraser Institute, a Canadian think tank explored the wait time for patients to receive medical care. The median wait time for a orthopedic surgery was 39.6 weeks. Medical oncologist had the shortest wait time 4.1 weeks to start chemotherapy. Last year 42,173 Canadian patients sought medical care outside of Canada. Most of them came to the United States. I propose that with Obama care we will see a great influx of patients to our new center in Scottsdale. They will be highly educated and motivated to achieve optimal health. They will not accept sickness as inevitable consequence of aging. With this affluent sector with discretionary funds seeking high quality care there will be an immediate inflow of patients to our center.

I am uniquely credentialed to operate this center as the medical director. I am board certified in anti aging medicine and internal medicine and I am a fellowship trained cardiologist. I have had the honor of giving the oral certification examination for the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. I am a graduate of Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I then performed a 3 year Internal medicine residency at the Albert Einstein School of Medicine. This was followed by an invasive cardiology fellowship. I am a staff physician at the Scottsdale Healthcare Hospital system, at both the Shea and Thompson Peak campuses.

In 2000 I became ill and had a pet scan compatible with a lymphoma. After curing myself of cancer with alternative medicine I realized that the traditional medical paradigm of one size fits all does not work. I am a blend of traditional and alternative medicine. I recently showed no evidence of cancer in my body. My cancer circulating cancer stem cell test from a European laboratory was negative. Testing like this should be performed on all patients for early detection.

The center will focus on peer reviewed worldwide modalities to slow the aging process. Each patient will receive a detailed written “plan for life”. All testing with interpretations, dietary, exercise and nutritional and medications will be presented in a format that is patient friendly. New information based on new scientific studies will constantly be updated. Weekly emails on medical updates will ensure a continued doctor patient relationship.

Upon arriving at the center an in-depth consultation will be preformed and all treatments personalized to each patient’s case. Biochemical individuality will be evaluated, along with extensive testing to elucidate underlying energetic and biochemical imbalances. Quantum physics modalities as well as traditional ultrasound and MRI, blood and urine will be employed.

Education promotes motivation and compliance with each patient’s program. Daily in depth lectures will teach the patient “how his body works” The body will be discussed as part of a “web” of all organs acting as interrelated connecting the whole body.

I have already created a 1000 page PowerPoint presentation which covers all aspects of their educational needs. The patient will be taught the most important concept called Epigenomics. This is the influence of environment over your genes which results in either good or bad genetic expression. The patient must understand that he or she has control over their destiny. The patient is in the drivers seat. He will understand that the genes are the loaded gun and the environment pulls the trigger to disease leading to death.

Since food is information which speaks to your genes and effects their expression a full organic kitchen is necessary. The food supply is toxic with pesticides, gmo, sugar, and hydrogenated oils. Food preparation of strictly organic mostly plant based Origen will be emphasized. Highly nutritional dense food can prolong your life. Food preparation, allergy, combinations, acid base balance will be taught. The patient will be taught to eat to live. They will never diet again. Clean energetically clustered water to assure optimum absorption will be taught. Juicing, food selection, preparation and storage will be taught. Plastic cookware and microwaving are toxic to the human body. Live energetically vibrant foods will be used. The patient will prepare his own food and learn to make wise decisions. Recipes will be available and given to the patient to use at home.

The patient will understand the impact of electromagnetic pollution of our world and how to protect himself from WIFI cell phone towers, electrical substations. This electrical smog causes profound health negative effects over a prolonged time. Aerobic and anaerobic optimal exercise programs will be individualized using highly accurate state of the art metabolic testing. This individualizes each patient.

Circadian rhythms will be optimized via evaluation of sleep patterns as well as REM optimal sleep apnea, insomnia and sleep health will be evaluated.

A complete biochemical, genetic and toxic profile will be done on each patient. Quantum physical, thermographic and mental and memory evaluation as well as personality testing will be completed. Total body scanning to detect early reversible disease will be done with ultrasound and MRI and quantum testing will be done. Based on this information a unique personalized blueprint for life will be formulated. It will be adaptive to changes in the patient’s life and circumstances.

Modalities used include quantum physically therapies, intravenous vitamins, herbs, mind body, homeopathics, hormones and detoxification. . Energy medicine with High gauss sine wave magnetic Therapy to elevate the transmembrane potential as well as photonics therapy with scalar wave technology will also be employed. Far infra red technologies, oxidative therapies( I currently have been certified in ozone therapy and I am under a FDA approved institutional review board ), aromatherapy, acupuncture, colon therapy, message, lymphatic drainage and chiropractic, led brain therapies and brain wave testing and correction will also be done. Stem cells will also be used when indicated.

I use autologous human stem cells harvested by liposuction which yields over 500 times more stem cells than bone marrow. It is an in office procedure. I am now involved with 5 FDA approved IRB STUDIES. This are under Investigational review board auspices already reviewed and approved by the FDA. I am one of only 500 m.d. Physicians in the country granted participation. The Studies include osteoarthritis, diabetes, chronic obstructive lung disease, erectile Dysfunction and critical limb ischemia. They are administered both intravenously. And intra articular by ultrasound guidance.

A small sampling of diseases to be treated include: Chronic infections like Lyme, fungus, HIV, and hepatitis and cirrhosis. Chron’s disease, ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel as well as all auto immune diseases will be treated. Stroke, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, ALS, Parkinsonism, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, etc.

Cancer will be treated in a more nontoxic manner. It will be treated as a metabolic disease with dysfunctional mitochondria causing abnormal genetic expression resulting in oncogenesis. All therapies will be based on genomic Chemo sensitivity testing and alternative substances testing from Europe. Cancer stem cell markers will also be obtained and monitored for effectiveness of treatment. Low dose target chemotherapy with also be used. I cured my father’s bladder cancer using this testing and treatment. It really works.

Through video conferencing a close physician patient relationship will be maintained and returning visits will be made on a case by case basis. The patient will be coming to a beautiful high tech medical facility offering the best in the world. Dr. Silver has had years of experience lecturing to the public and appearing on radio and television. Television commercials throughout Canada and the US as we’ll as radio and television appearance would ensure a constant flow of patients to the center. Dr. Silver can also lecture to the Mexican and South American market in Spanish.

Experience the medicine of the future, today. I already own the necessary detoxification and imaging modalities mentioned above. I already have instituted them in my medical practice and they have already saved my life. My goal now is for expansion with multiple health care providers to provide healthcare excellence to a worldwide target audience.