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The brain is actually inflamed or on fire.

There are hormonal changes, the sex hormones, oxytocin, and vasopressin.

Autism is a multisystem disorder with changes seen throughout the body. There is an enlarged brain size accompanied by increased neuronal density, altered cell migration as well as seizure disorders being very common.


Genetic factors are also involved. There are changes in neurotransmitters and cell/cell interaction as well as growth factors. It is also a white matter disorder of the brain with changes in the microglia as well as neural inflammation. There is impaired neural development and cortical processing. Systemic changes are also seen through the body.

There are immune system changes, gastrointestinal system changes, and metabolic disorders such as detoxification impairment seen in sulfation and glutathione.

Last but not least all the environmental factors concerned with autism.

  • There are heavy metals like mercury.
  • There are hydrocarbons.
  • There are infectious agents like Lyme and candida and mold.
  • There is dietary influence like wheat and casein allergy. As you can see, autism is multifactorial.
  • It is a multifactorial neuro autoimmune inflammatory process.


An article published in 2008 suggested that many metabolic, anatomic, and immunologic markers suggest there are viral infections for autism.

It is interesting to note that many children with neurodevelopmental disorders test positively by for Lyme usually after antimicrobial provocation. Eighty-four percent of their mothers also test positive when provoked with antimicrobials prior to a blood draw, as reported by a doctor from Germany. There is also a high incidence of children testing positive for Borna virus. This is a virus transmitted from horses, dogs and cats and causes autism-like neurologic problems in horses and mental illness in adult humans. So far, children have not been studied, although this is a real possibility.


Why has there been an exponential increase in autism over the last 20 years? There are probably three possibilities:


Our planet has an ever-increasing toxic load which passes into the fetus or infant. These are things like thimerosal, insecticides, food preservatives, food dyes, metals etc.

2. EMF:

Exposure of the pregnant mother to EMFs from cell phone radiation, radio and TV broadcasting, radar, wireless technology, and microwaves damages the epigenome.


The spread and increased virulence of a relative new line- Borrelia strain could explain why autism rates are on the rise. Also mold and others

Multiple articles in the literature show that the mercury in thimerosal has a profound effect on brain chemistry.

There is an uncoupling of ATP mediated calcium signaling and dysregulation of interleukin 6 in the dendritic cells of the brain. Several articles have shown that perinatal exposure to polychlorinated biphenols alter brains and brain plasticity.

There is a synergistic effect of toxins on our body yet there is no computer model that cannot handle the hundreds of effects on these children caused by environmental toxins.

It is well known that the higher the toxic body burden, the higher the microbial body burden. These toxins can lead to mutations and polymorphisms on the genome level. They can inhibit enzymes responsible for elimination and many aspects of our metabolism and meet a vicious cycle of more toxins and more growth and microbes.

The electromagnetic radiation (EMR) drives the growth of microbes.

Molds increase their growth rate and put out far more virulent microtoxins when subjected to EMR. They feel attacked and fight back.

The same is true of viruses, spirochetes, Mycoplasma and Staph. The problem is the infants do not have a blood brain barrier until 18 months of age, and they are completely vulnerable. Even teenagers are far more sensitive to EMR than adults. It is therefore prudent to monitor the EMFs that the autistic child is under the influence of. We know that autism is probably due to brain desynchronization. The body acts like an antenna for ambient electric fields in the home and built-up electric tension against the ground which interferes with numerous biologic and physiological functions.

Body voltage increases towards the center of the body. The measurement requires an inexpensive multimeter instrument. Since our norm is operating at a voltage between 80 and 120 millivolts, the threshold at which artificially induced body voltage interference with our normal physiology is at a level above 80 millivolts. The higher the voltage, the worse.

Reported damage caused by EMFs includes damage to the developing neuronal network, to the cell-signaling mechanisms, to the cell membrane, and interruption of signals to the DNA itself.

Several papers have looked at the fetal exposure to low-level frequency electric and magnetic fields. The study was to investigate the interaction of low-frequency electronic or magnetic fields in pregnant women, in particular with the fetus. There were shown to be higher levels to the fetus.


Let’s address now the effects of cell phone radiation form nearby emitter, from wireless technology in the home or from a neighbor and the cordless phones. Anything over 1 microwatt per square meter in the sleeping location is expected to cause biological, immunological, physiological, and neurological consequences. The higher, the more devastating. Interestingly this can be measured. Several studies have shown that autistic children are located in higher areas as measured in microwatts per square meter.


These include low-frequency magnetic and electronic fields such as electric household appliances, razors, hair dryers, fluorescent lighting, alarm clocks or night stands, electric wiring in the home, nearby power lines, laptop computers, wristwatch and even switched-off cell phones in the pocket. Known biomedical effects include decreased pineal function with decreased melatonin production resulting in insomnia and lowered immune systems. This also opens up the blood brain barrier. There are increased autism rates and other neurodevelopmental disorders in exposed infants. Brain fog, fatigue, and short-term memory loss have also been reported.


These disturb all known intrinsic rhythms such as EKG, heart rate variability, breathing patterns, and body detoxification. These block the blood brain barrier and gut barriers resulting in leaky gut and increased neurological illnesses such as Parkinson’s, MS, and ALS as well as autism. There is also a synergistic effect with other fields and increased mold growth and mycotoxin production in the home. With this type of EMF, there has been shown to be lowered immune status with decreased interleukin 10, increased interleukin 1, interleukin 6, and decreased killer cell activity.


Autism in the wireless age – is humanity committing collective suicide or are we just destroying a few generations of children?

Several articles have looked at the autistic spectrum disorder and the association of fetal neonatal exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation. The authors postulate that the steep rise in infants with autism is possibly related to increased exposure to the universal deployment of wireless technology. The rise in autism coupled with a pervasive rise in environmental levels of radiofrequency radiation in the last few decades have received at least initial recognition with the scientific community.

The exposure to nonthermal microwave electromagnetic field generated by mobile phones affects the expression of many proteins.

These include MAPK which serves as a central signaling pathway which then affects other genes which increased NADH oxidase which generated a high level of reactive oxygen species or free radicals. These then caused further damage. This was the first study to show a detailed molecular mechanism by which electromagnetic radiation by mobile phones induces the activation of ERK cascade and thereby induces transcription of other cellular processes.

There are other nonthermal responses that cell phones have shown in cultures of human endothelial cells.

There was an activation of stress response especially heat shock protein #27. These were nonthermal changes. These changes suggest that mobile phone radiation activates a variety of cell-signaling transduction pathways. Among these are HSP/MAPK stress response pathway. Through this pathway, it is postulated there is a facilitation of brain cancer by inhibiting the apoptotic pathway and an increase in the blood brain permeability, an accumulation of brain tissue damage.


Shut off all fuses at bedtime

Buy some flashlights or find an electrician who can install a demand switch, and create a Faraday cage around the bed. Alternatively, you can shut off all the fuses at night. Use a PC rather than a laptop whenever possible.

Get rid of cordless phones at home and get corded phones. Do not install wireless internet at home or at the office. If you continue using a cell phone, get an earpiece with air conduction. The child should be sleeping on a metal-free mattress and bed frame. Use melatonin at night along with oxytocin during the day and night. Of course, avoid new cars that have phthalates and have metal-free dentistry. Avoid electrical appliances. Spend less time at the computer, and of course detox.


Mobile phone radiation decreases melatonin levels as reported in the Internal Journal of Radiation Biology.

It is well known that melatonin prevents DNA damage and protects against mercury-induced oxidative tissue damage. Interestingly, there was a significant association found between childhood leukemia and magnetic field exposure during the night.


EMF exposure in rats leads to decreased testosterone levels, and mobile phone radiation decreases thyroid hormones. Reported in the Journal of Epidemiology, there was an increased risk of senile dementia and motor neuron diseases such as ALS associated with electromagnetic field exposure. Several more articles have published in the literature relating to cancer.


Autism rates are climbing. The planet is becoming more toxic, and these toxins are finding their way into the fetus or infant. These toxins may be thimerosal with mercury, insecticides, food preservatives, and a list of other things. In addition EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) cause problems when the pregnant mother is exposed to these electromagnetic fields from cell phone radiation, radio and TV broadcasting, as well as other wireless technologies. Lastly, there is infection, whether it be Lyme virus or fungus or bacteria, they are increasing at an alarming rate.

The interactions of toxins, EMFs, and infections I propose not only cause autism but cause most of the adult diseases I see in my practice every day.

I am example. At a young age, I had mercury fillings and EMF exposure from the radiation in the cardiac catheterization lab as well as every time I put in a pacemaker or catheter. In addition to that, I was infected with a fungus called Aspergillus. My immunity was down, I ate poorly, and I was overweight. In addition, I took no vitamins or hormones. I was a disaster waiting to happen.

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