Cholesterol Statins Part 3

Cholesterol Statins Part 3 /cholesterol-statin

We know that in major controlled, randomized clinical trials, conducted as of the mid-2006 time, that among people with coronary heart disease are considered to be at high risk, the effect of statins on the incidence of coronary artery disease and mortality ranges from virtually nil in the ALLHAT Trial to 46% in the LIPS Trial.

The reduction in overall mortality produced by statins ranges from none in the ALLHAT Trials to 29% in the 4S Trial. Statins can, in no way, guarantee to produce a third reduction in heart disease or all-cause mortality in high-risk patients, nor can they be counted on to reduce overall mortality in stroke patients. In the SPARCL study, there was a 29% reduction in cardiovascular mortality, but there was no reduction in overall mortality.

Now, let’s look at healthy people with an elevated cholesterol on their blood tests. In the EXCEL Trial, they reported an overall mortality in the four groups taking various doses of Lipitor was 150 to 300% higher than that in the placebo group after one year, despite the fact the EXCEL Trial continued for many more years, but no further mortality data had ever been reported.

In the ASCAPS/TEXCAPS Trial, lovastatin reduced heart disease mortality by a significant 27%, but overall mortality was similar. In other studies, like the WOSCOPS Trial, there was little evidence to show that statins can extend the lives of people without clinical heart disease.

Statins do not Increase Survival in Women


When the mortality figures from all trials which included women are tabulated separately by sex, they show no longevity benefit whatsoever; yet despite the fact that around half-a-million statin prescriptions written each year are handed to female patients, these drugs show no overall mortality benefit, regardless to whether they are used for primary or secondary prevention. In the women free of heart disease, statins failed to lower both the heart disease and overall mortality; while in women with heart disease, statins do lower heart disease mortality, but increase the risk of death from other causes, leaving the overall mortality unchanged.

Statins do not Increase Survival in the Elderly

In the heart-disease-free nondiabetic men, in females with and without heart disease, and in the elderly, it is unclear and doubtful whether statins can lower overall mortality. Two of the four statin trials that involved healthy subjects, indicate that statin use may increase overall mortality.

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Dean Silver, M.D.