Life Extension: Reversing the Hands of Time

Life Extension: Reversing the Hands of Time

Testing is the key to prevention! Reverse the hands of time! You can now measure your biologic age, your free radicals, the amount of mutation and you can even measure your genes to see your genetic makeup, and guess what? I also perform cancer screening, as well as, if you do have cancer we do chemosensitivity and natural substances testing to find out how to actually kill your cancer.

Learn how your body works. Learn how the batteries of the mitochondria in you increase your energy. Learn how to think clearer. Learn how to burn fat. Are your hormones at an optimal level? Are you toxic with heavy metals like mercury, lead, aluminum or cadmium?

Learn how to detoxify them. Have you been exposed to plastics and pesticides? Have you been in Vietnam and seen Agent Orange dropped by the airplanes? Have you been in Iraq and been vaccinated with multiple vaccines and been exposed to multiple toxins?

Learn how to get rid of these toxins and reduce your toxic load for a longer and healthier life! Do you have hidden food allergies and infections which manifest themselves as disease, obesity, arthritis, and brain fog? Did you know that a simple change in your diet like avoiding gluten could change your life? If you wish to learn more about these tests and changing your life for the better, please read on.

Why wait until you are sick? Measure your genes, infections, measure your metabolism, your vitamin levels, your toxins and start on a new personalized revolutionary anti-aging program today.


Life extension medicine is slowing the rate at which an individual ages and thereby extending life expectancy. It is also is increasing the length of time the patient is disease free. Lastly, there is improvement in the quality of life through greater vitality, mental acuity, and overall zest for life.

Unlike conventional medicine, which focuses on treating disease usually by using costly surgery and drugs, longevity medicine is built on methods unique to each person. They are based on the person’s genes, toxins, and biochemical individuality.


While Americans are overfeed, we are undernourished and it is killing us. We know now that the nutrients in foods play a big role in our body function. We know that as we age it is affected by stress, toxic load, impaired immune system, unbalanced hormones, and free radicals of the mitochondria.

THE FOLLOWING IS a health questionnaire based on how our body functions.

You will see that the body is a web. The web is composed of digestion and elimination of food, detoxification, immunity, our messaging system, and our transportation highway.

Finally, our batteries need to be working well to make energy.


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