Natural Alternatives To Coumadin

Natural Alternatives To Coumadin

If you have atrial fibrillation and your atria are large, or if you have the leaking of a valve or two in your heart, or if you have a pacemaker in your heart, or hardware in your heart, or a prosthetic valve, you must take Coumadin.

Natural Alternatives To Coumadin

You must take Coumadin because we do not want you to have a blood clot. Now, if you just have atrial fibrillation and you do not have increased left atrial size, and you do not have severe leakage of the mitral valve, you could have lone atrial fibrillation, which we cardiologists call it, when we can put you on an alternative blood thinner that is not necessarily Coumadin.

There are newer drugs that work differently on the clotting system and do not require blood work to monitor it.

We can use aspirin. We can use garlic., EDTA, ginkgo, vitamin E . I prefer boluke and omega 3, or several of new clot inhibitors.

I do testing to make sure your blood is thin enough and you are protected.

However, if your left atrium is large or if your mitral valve is leaking, you must take your Coumadin because this will keep you from having a stroke; so I would say that if you have these complications, you must take Coumadin, and unfortunately, that is something that you will have to take the rest of your life.

As mentioned above there are newer blood thinners which work differently on the clotting system and do not require blood testing. These might be better for you in certain circumstances.

Dean Silver, M.D.