PEMF Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency

PEMF Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency



I suffer from chronic thoracic back pain from bending over for years doing cardiologic procedures in the hospital. I have undergone traditional treatment with multiple epidurals as well as radiofrequency. Neither have helped. Several years ago I went to Stanford and had back injections, which also failed.

Due to my chronic, disabling back pain, I have formulated a program that I have been using, and am now introducing to the Scottsdale and Phoenix area.

The program is a combination of both conventional and alternative therapies that have made a difference in my life. I know what it is to suffer from chronic pain, and I am now introducing this in hopes of making a difference in your life.

The program is multifaceted. I believe that a natural approach is best, although at times I resort to prescription medications. I prefer transdermal creams in that they bypass the liver and can be effective topically over the pain area itself. I use a combination of traditional as well as homeopathics in the program, along with PEMF therapy as seen on the “Dr. Oz Show”. They are linked later in the site, or you can view them for yourself on “You Tube”. I feel that Magnetic Field Therapy is the Medicine of the Future. Also, I use the technology called a Light Beam Generator or LBG in my therapies. Along with these forms of energy medicine, magnetic field therapy, microcurrent, photon therapy and topical homeopathics, I also use injections when indicated. Sometimes prescription drugs are injected at the start of the therapy, but usually a natural approach is continued, and I find it to be quite effective. Of course, diet and other natural anti-inflammatories are used.




I am using a product that is applied transdermally over the affected area of pain. The purified natural substances have a potential to inhibit pain pathways in several ways. The GMP/protein kinase G pathway, which mediates inflammation and is the switch between acute and chronic pain is addressed. In addition, the protein kinase G pathway involved in the formation of thromboxane’s A2 and flagrant aggregation is addressed. Other avenues addressed are the nitrous oxide pathways, the histamine pathways, and the arachidonic pathways.

The products are incorporated into a product that contains no paraben, sodium laurel sulphate (SLS) or petroleum. There are no strong odors involved, and they are quickly absorbed.

I have developed three products that act in a synergistic way and are formulated for deep penetration. They are amphiphilic and yield superior absorption. Natural products include homeopathics and other essential fatty acids, and anti-inflammatories that are effective for pain control.

These products should be used in combination for deep penetration. At times, prescription transdermal medications are used when needed. Application of the Light Beam Generator is also used. The Light Beam Generator extremely low current called “gas light protons” to transfer energy frequency patterns to the cells in the targeted areas. It works synergically to re-balance the charge of the



PEMF is Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy, and was explored in a recent “Dr. Oz Show”.


I suggest all people with acute or chronic pain need to view these videos. I have been using a medical grade PEMF unit for approximately one year, and it has made a dramatic improvement in my pain.

As noted in the links on this website, there have been over 2000 University Peer Review studies showing positive effects of magnetic therapy. The effects are noted for pain of all types, resulting insignificant improvement. These are double-blind medical studies, and everyone needs to review these SO, WHAT IS PEMF TECHNOLOGY?

It is a device that makes a pulsating electromagnetic fields (PEMF for short). These are not the toxic EMF’s of cell phones, or WyFi, etc. This technology has its origins in the genius of Nikola Tesla, who brought us our modern AC current technology. But healers as far back as the 1600′s were using lodestones, which are natural magnetic rocks for healing.


PEMF works like a magnet, but it is different from the type of magnet you are familiar with.

The magnets you played with as a child were static, meaning an unchanging field.


PEMF pulsates its fields. Biologic systems are extremely sensitive to such fields. Cells actually generate their own electromagnetic fields, and the Laws of Physics say that cells do respond to such fields. So, it makes a perfect sense that external pulsating fields could interact with biologic cellular fields.

I also recommend patients using a specific magnetic, negative-pole mattress, which I still sleep on and have for the past 10 years. I am convinced that this negative-pole static magnet also helps a variety of pain symptoms.

The PEMF is the subject of intense research. There are literally thousands of the University reports on its value. In 1976, we knew that PEMF could greatly aid fracture healing, even in difficult-to-fix fractures. The field simply stimulates bone cells to grow and do their healing things at the fracture site.



Studies have shown that PEMF helps improve the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome and 93% of cases, and in 83% of those with rotator cuff tears of the shoulder. Migraine sufferers can expect total improvement in 73%, while 45% of users get substantial improvement in just three weeks of use. Female disorders such as endometriosis, painful periods, painful intercourse, etc., respond with up to 90% marked or dramatic improvement.

Patients receiving PEMF will find significant pain control after an operation.

One study on tennis elbow compared therapeutic PEMF to placebo PEMF and to steroid injections. Those receiving real PEMF got far better reduction in pain and improved activities in the third month than the other groups. The PEMF trumps dangerous steroids.

A study has shown that PEMF stimulates cultured fibroblasts to make more collagen. Thus, it will help strengthen and give flexibility to the tendons and ligaments.

If you suffer from diabetic neuropathy, I have good news. PEMF reduces pain and assistance near repair in just a few weeks.




Let us start with the cell. New research has found that the action of a cell really occurs at the membrane, which has switches connecting directly to the nucleus, like your keyboard controls which your computer hard drive is doing. As your cells get sicker, the voltage in the interior cell rises. In all sick cells, the membrane electric potential is significantly less-negative than normal. This significantly, greatly reduces metabolism and the energy production, since it takes a lot of a cell’s energy to maintain that charge.

Cells degenerating towards cancer had considerable rise in their voltage.pemf reverses this rise

PEMF improves the flux of electrons across and through your cell membranes improving the critical, negative charge. Cell health is directly related to its negative-membrane potential. That is why we see great literature confirming PEMF used in reducing pain and inflammation, increasing range of motion, less muscle loss after surgery, more tensile strength of ligaments, faster healing of wounds, enhanced capillary formation, accelerated nerve regeneration and bone healing, less tissue death, etc. The improved membrane charge enhances DNA function.

Putting it simply, PEMF is a massage for your cell membrane, preserving and restoring the membranes with this energy can make way for damaged cells to divergent its precious energy resource to heal rather than simply stay alive.

Additionally, it induces the growth of new blood vessels by stimulating your vascular endothelium to release the growth factors. This may be one of the mechanisms in fostering the repair of complex fractures and other tissues.

A study of erectile dysfunction showed improvement in sexual parameters with PEMF, compared to only 30% who received placebo. PEMF improved nitric oxide generation, which is critical for an erection.

PEMF therapy delivers an energy that increases the spin of electrons. This does not create heat, nor does it excite the electrons to create a free radical. Rather, the increased spin enables your mitochondria to make more ATP or energy, so it just might help otherwise and partially treat conditions.




Take stroke, for example. One study found PEMF exposure reduced ischemia, which is lack of blood flow, neuronal damage in the targeted brain areas by a stunning 69%. The author wrote, “Preliminary data suggests that exposure to a PEMF of short duration may have implications for the treatment of acute stroke.”

PEMF also improves neurologic status of patients with multiple sclerosis. Specifically, body control, cognitive functions, fatigue level, mobility, spasticity and vision.

A recent study found that PEMF induces re-myelinization of nerve fibers that have been damaged by recruiting stem cell friends in the brain to do the repair. Another study showed that PEMF can accelerate cell differentiation and repair. Cell differentiation is important in getting primitive cells held in reserve in order to do specific duties, like repair your myelin for collagen.


Another study found PEMF can resolve many of the symptoms of incontinence.



While that is not a measurement of its effectiveness, PEMF is actually approved by the FDA for the treatment of depression and bone healing.

Our own space agency, NASA, received a U.S. Patent for the application of PEMF for enhancing tissue repair in animals.




NASA asked Dr. Bob Dennis, a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering to design PEMF for cellular studies. He is now an ardent believer in PEMF, and believes that the mechanism of action is actually electrical.

PEMF is used as current in tissues quite differently than other devices. You might know that turning a magnet around a wire or conductor generates electricity. That creates energy within the wire to make electrons flow, which is current.

Well, when you expose your fields to a magnetic field which pulsates, you are doing the same thing to your body, making electrons flow or generate electricity.

However, with PEMF, what touches you are magnetic pats, not electrodes. You are bathed in a magnetic field. It turns out that your body is transparent to the field, and the field is virtually unaltered going through your body.

When the magnetic field pulsates, it generates electrical flow, or micro-currents through the distribution of the pulsating magnetic fields.


These micro-currents generate right inside of the tissues.


As for myself and Dr. Dennis, and other physicians, we feel the common denominator of PEMF is healing. These include reductions in pain, swelling, bruising, muscle spasm, and inflammation. It stimulates stem cells, wound repair, tissue regeneration, genes, bone healing, and circulation. It also heals tears, sprains, strains, tendinitis, muscle function and metabolic function.

PEMF also enhances sleep and relaxation as well as oxygen delivery to the tissues, and absorption of nutrients. Wow, isn’t this incredible!

In a four week double-blind study on 101 patients, PEMF induced substantial or complete relief of insomnia in up to 70% of its experimental group.

Needless to say, I think PEMF is one of the essentials in your pain management. The unit I use is a medical grade unit. It is generating 19,200 gallops per pulse, which is equivalent to 1.92 Teslas per pulse.


The frequencies go from 1-Hz to 50-Hz, and are generated in a sign-wave.




Improve circulation
Increase cellular oxygen
Increase cellular energy
Open the cells thru electroproration, allowing for detoxification
Relieve pain
Reduce swelling
Restore cell membrane integrity
Reduce inflammation
Stimulate endomorphin and serotonin release in the brain to improve depression and anxiety
Heal fracture, improve osteoporosis
Increase muscle mass
Stimulate stem cells
used in congestive heart failure and cardiomyopathy
Improvement in Parkinsonism and Alzheimer’s , multiple sclerosis, stroke
Improve neuropathy, erectile dysfunction, fibromyalgia, migraine, tinnitus,
Heal wounds


After having from chronic pain for years, I have developed this program that works for me. I am now introducing it to the Scottsdale-Phoenix area. The therapies are based in both conventional and alternative medicine. This is an evolution of Pain Management that works.




I use prolozone, stem cells, prp, microcurrent, photon therapy with the light beam generator, hyperbaric oxygen treatments, IV therapy with IV ozone, and pemf along with homeopathic fda approved transdermal creams.




If you or a loved one are suffering from acute or chronic pain, please call me for consultation. We look to use a multifaceted approach that will revolutionize the evolution of Pain Management.


Best in health,


Dean Silver, M.D.

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