Dean Silver, M.D Testimonials


“I’VE BEEN FEELING POORLY FOR OVER 20 YEARS AND I NEVER FOUND THE DOCTOR TO HELP ME. MY WHOLE FAMILY HAS THYROID PROBLEMS BUT NO DOCTOR WOULD EVERY LISTEN TO ME . THE OLD DOCTORS WERE DOING THE WRONG TEST. They refused to send me to a specialist. UNTIL SEEING DR. SILVER I COULDN’T GET ANYBODY TO HELP ME. Dr. Silver found anti bodies in my blood against my thyroid gland. he started Armour Thyroid and other hormones which change my life I am loosing weight the first time in years and my concentration and depression are much I think Dr silver saved my life.”


I’m an international professional cyclist with known coronary blockages. I had chest pain and arm pain and sweating Dr silver stopped my heart attack with iv Ozone and chelation no more angina or chest pain I ended up with a normal nuclear stress test and just bicycled across panama ocean to ocean without chest pain and very happy with Dr. Silver.

Prolozone / Ozone Therapy

Works for joint pain in one day. Prolozone really works

I was the using the computer and when I saw Dr. silver my wrist was very swollen and very painful . Dr.Silver did an ultrasound of my wrist and saw the problem was inflammation of my joint and splintered ligaments . he did the prolozone injection into my wrist under ultrasound guidance and the next day or my swelling was gone the pain was gone and the function was normal it was really like a miracle works and it’s a great alternative steroid injections I highly recommend the Ozone / prolozone

“OOZONE IN diabetes and Crohn’s disease. My blood sugar is dropping and I need less insulin. I have more energy and feel better”

After using Ozone with Dr. silver my insulin sensitivity has improved I am using less insulin and my blood sugars are lower my diabetes is easier to manage have more energy and I feel better have more mental clarity lamb very excited to continuing my treatment with Dr. Silver.

“Dr. Silver found out I needed a pacemaker and saved my life”

Dr. silver saved my life my cardiac Holter monitor showed I needed an emergency pacemaker and he sent me to the hospital.

“Dr. silver is someone you want on your health care team” hormones changed my life . You Want Dr. silver when your healthcare team

Hi my name is Valarie and I have have been a oncology nurse for 17 years. I called Dr. silver because I was postmenopausal gaining weight and losing my energy. Dr. Silver drew my labs and designed a program specifically for me. Within in two days I was feeling like $1 million. I had energy to spare and I couldn’t wait to get out of bed. My zest for life was back. Dr. Silver is someone you want to have on your healthcare team. Don’t hesitate to call his office today and start to feel better.

Dr. silver is a wonderful witty and compassionate doctor. Dr. Silver knows how to ask the right questions. My chronic fatigue is gone”

Dr. silver knows how to ask the right questions did for the right answer. He has a compassionate staff . I have asked for help for decades but no other doctor could help me. My chronic fatigue is gone. I just love Ozone. I feel much better. It is a great office, Dr Silver is a wonderful, witty compassionate doctor,
I feel better than ever that’s why I am happy.

BETTER SLEEP MORE ENERGY BETTER SENSLE OF WELLBEING Dr. silver has made a huge difference in my overall health”

I want to share how remarkably better I feel after seeing Dr. Silver. I am sleeping better at night and I am more alert during the day. I Have more energy. I have a better sense of well-being. I wanted to thank Dr. Silver for providing some new medications and supplements, wich have made a huge difference in my overall health.

“HORMONES AND HEAVY METALS I am happy I found Dr. silver it has been a life changing experience”

Dr Silver has eliminated by blood pressure and cholesterol pills. It has been a life changing experience. He is balancing my hormones and eliminating my heavy metals. It has been a great experience I am happy I found him.

“MOLD AND STAPHY infection I would highly recommend Dr. silver he takes time to know who I am “

The great thing about Dr. silver is that he’s really taking the time to know who I am and what I really need to get better dr. Silver has help me with a mold infection and staph infection some prostate problems dr. Silver has been fantastic working with me through all those issues I am so much better now and I owe it all to Dr. Silver he had worked so hard to research and study my problem.i Really appreciate Dr. Silver I can’t thank them enough would I highly recommend Dr. silver to anyone that may be looking for a good physician.


I would like to thank Dr. silver for all that he is done for me this year . since coming to Dr. silver I have had a complete change in my health before seeing Dr. Silver I was tired overweight and had hormonal problems, I just didn’t feel good. Dr silver fixed all that he changed my life I am now losing weight I can sleep better and I am growing my nails my hot flashes are also gone I just feel healthier all around I would like to thank Dr. silver.

” Dr. Silver lowered my PSA 50% from 8 to 4 naturally my urologist was amazed I couldn’t be happier with Dr. silver”

I have been Coming to Dr. silver for two years I had a big scare with my prostate. Prostate cancer killed both my father and grandfather dr. silver put me on progesterone hormone therapy and some supplements. He said it wasn’t good to keep my PSA at the same high level. he wanted to cut it in half after about six months we had more PSA readings they were dropping. He did reduce my PSA by 50% went down . the psa level went down to the 4 level and before they had been eight in less than a year dr. silver’s treatment works couldn’t be happier with Dr. Dean he is a fantastic guy I love the guy to death.

“Fibromyalgia and fatigue have gone away”

I Came in to see Dr. Silver with some symptoms of lethargy , achy all over, I couldn’t do my activities of daily living and I was just being tired all the time. He did a full workup on me with lab work and found out that I needed some detox and hormones. I Am feeling a lot better. I Am able to work every, the achenes and feeling bad had all gone away.

” Hormone replacement with testosterone and his meal replacement program. I Highly recommend Dr. silver. I lost 28 pounds”

I Have lost 28 pounds and the testosterone has made a unbelievable difference in my life. I feel like I’m in my 30s and I am 59 years old. I just feel unbelievable — my strength, my stamina is just incredible. Thanks to him and his supplements I am now able to eliminate my cholesterol medicine and some of my blood pressure medicine. I can’t say enough about how much I am pleased with Dr. silver and the program and his way of thinking and what he has done for me. I highly recommend Dr. Silver.

” I had Severe carpal tunnel and couldn’t use either of my hands. It has gone completely away and I am no longer tired. I am one of Dr. silver success stories”

I had severe carpal tunnel and couldn’t use either of my hands very much before I saw Dr. Silver and I was feeling very tired throughout the day . Thanks to Dr. silver I feel much better my carpal tunnel is completely gone an, I am no longer tired. I am One of Dr. silver’s success stories.

Scottsdale Weight-Loss Testimonial

A personal message from Dr. Silver…

How I cured my patient, Cassaundra, and my father…

Read these fascinating stories which reveal my medical secrets!

See how Cassaundra’s health was restored, lost 40 pounds, and how she looks now!

See how my father has remained cancer free for years…

Tracey’s Story – Natural Weight Loss

Before I met Dr. Silver I decided I was going to stay fat forever. I was 50 years old and 160 pounds. I was in perimenopause with heavy painful periods, irritability, depression, fatigue and hot flashes. Other symptoms I had included palpitations, carpal tunnel and insomnia. I went for a consultation with Dr. Silver and he gave me hope. He preformed extensive blood tests checking my inflammation, thick blood, free radicals, fatty acid levels (omega 3 and 6), hydrogenated oil, saturated fat and all my hormone levels. I had a very high level of free radicals. Free radicals caused my body to age and get sick. The vitamins I was taking were not of good pharmaceutical quality. My hormone levels were very low.

Dr. Silver immediately fixed the problem with his own vitamins, natural bioidentical hormones (Testosterone, DHEA, Thyroid and Progesterone) and detoxification. After the first week my palpitations went away, and in the second week my energy rose. I lost a half a pound a day and needed to buy new clothes. Depressions cleared and my sex drive sky rocketed. I went from 160 pounds to 108. I will never stop my vitamins, hormones or nutritional protein shakes and bars.

I feel great, but best of all I’m healthier. You’re never too old to look and feel young!

Cassaundra’s Story

Understanding that the body is a web; interconnected, and that many diseases and symptomology originate in the gut, I ordered a battery of cutting edge, alternative tests, including food allergy testing, testing for Lyme and its co-infections, vitamin level testing, hormone testing, and toxins such as heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, viruses and fungus to get to the root of her problems.

Tests revealed that she was allergic to milk, gluten, eggs, corn and shellfish; foods she regularly consumed growing up in the Midwest and living on the East coast. Her Lyme test also came back positive with positive results for its co-infections (Bartonella, Babesia, Ehrlichia, and Mycoplasm) as well. Lyme is a tick born infection and when asked if she had ever been bitten by a tick, she could distinctly remember being bitten multiple times as a child while on family vacations in Colorado. Lyme can mimic over 350 symptoms including Chronic Fatigue, Mitral Valve Prolapse, palpitations, depression, muscle cramps and spasms, low hormones, cold hands, cold feet, constipation, and lack of focus and concentration – all specific symptoms she was suffering from.

Supporting her delicate health with a vast array of herbs, nutraceuticals, homeopathics, and a negative pole magnet, I started a selectively targeted Lyme protocol. Her vitamin level testing showed that her Glutathione – the major anti-oxidant system in the body – was extremely low. This would explain her chronic infectious cough induced by the mycoplasma, a co-infection from her Lyme. Her Vitamin D, B-12, Folic Acid, and Magnesium were also low, as Lyme consumes magnesium in order to thrive. As a result, she would experience the skipped heart beats, palpitations, and painful muscle cramps in her thighs, calves, and feet that she complained of. I boosted her glutathione and vitamin deficiencies with supplementation and her symptoms completely disappeared.

I discovered that her toxic load was very high, including high levels of mercury (from dental amalgams and tuna fish), aluminum (from deodorant, teas with lemon, processed cheese, and baked goods with baking soda), arsenic (from non-organic chicken and shellfish) and lead. She also had benzene, a highly toxic chemical compound, fluoride, pesticides, viruses, and fungus. I had her visit a biologic dentist and had her dental amalgams removed. She religiously chelates with DMSA, EDTA, and DMPS to detoxify her heavy metals, sits in a far-infrared sauna to sweat out her plastics, pesticides, and chemicals, and uses a Light Beam Generator with ozone for lymphatic detoxification. Suzanne Summers talks about this machine in her recently published book entitled, “Knockout”. She also uses Frequency Specific Microcurrent (as used by the Oakland Raiders, San Francisco 49ers, and on the Tour de France) which addresses and resolves a host of medical conditions, and she sleeps on a Magnetico Sleep Pad.

Her hormone tests indicated she was deficient in several hormones. I placed her on bio-identical Progesterone, DHEA, Testosterone, Armour Thyroid, Cortef, and low dose Hydrocortisone, restoring youthful levels, and her energy, mental clarity and focus, weight loss and libido significantly improved. I also balanced neurotransmitters with natural substances.

I tested her estrogen metabolites with a cutting edge test which specifically reveals which kind of estrogen she was producing and discovered she was making the good estrogen, the metabolite that does not cause cancer. Her breast thermography was normal and showed no evidence of excess estrogen. She started a plant based diet which is not only cancer protective, but also assisted with her weight loss. To help her lose weight even more effectively, she had a genetic weight loss test, which told her specific foods she should consume and which ones to avoid and the pounds shed effortlessly and permanently. In total, she lost 40 pounds.

To regenerate her cells, she received stem cell therapy to repair and rejuvenate every cell in her body. Today she is vibrant, energetic and feels better than ever!

My Father’s Story… Read How I Treated His Cancer and Heart Attack

In 2007, my Dad was diagnosed with bladder cancer. The PET scan and MRI did not visualize any metastasis. He was receiving a single dose chemotherapy that had many serious side effects. After seeing the rapid deterioration of my father, I flew to Germany and learned of an incredible test – Circulating Tumor Cell Analysis – where they take blood samples to determine the existence of circulating cancer cells and then selectively test those cells with different chemotherapy drugs to see which chemo will work. They also tested a variety of vitamins and herbs which directed my selection for my father. See Suzanne Summers book entitled, “Knockout” as she discusses this test.

I administered the chemo, based on the results of his test, in very low doses. The alternative substances supported his detoxification and immune system and we witnessed absolutely no side effects throughout his weeks of treatment. Yearly repeated testing shows that he has remained cancer free.

In 2002, my father suffered a heart attack and he was left with an ejection fraction (strength of heart muscle) of 47%. There was no improvement with traditional therapies. After instituting a personalized program including supplements such as CoQ10, Carnitine, Ribose, Arginine, Magnesium, Taurine, Vitamin D, Vitamin K, Amino Acids, Fish Oil, bio-identical hormones (Testosterone, DHEA, Growth Hormone, Armour Thyroid), Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, and Stem Cell Therapy, his heart function remarkably improved over 20% to an amazing 68%! .